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hand stitched ball
  • SIZING ALERT: The Talento U13 is a standard JUNIOR size futsal ball. The U11 and U9 sizes are non-traditional sizes to be used for training younger futsal players. Junior is equivalent to size 3 in other futsal brands.
  • New, colorful design for improved visibility and faster player reactions
  • The smallest ball in the popular Futsal Talento range which is specially developed for kids and juniors
  • Made in cooperation with Brazilian futsal expert, Aroldo Strack, and the Golasso Select Futsal Academy
  • Made of quality TPU-material and underlined with foam, which makes it extra soft to kick
  • Latex bladder with low-bounce fibers ensures perfect playing characteristics for young futsal players
  • Double-Lock valve ensures a good air retention
  • The ball is hand-sewn.
  • Recommended sizes:
    • Talento U9: Ages 9 and under
    • Talento U11: Ages 10 - 11
    • Talento U13: Ages 12 - 13

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