Maxi reGrip

Maxi reGrip

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Maxi reGrip User Guide 

  • Prolong the grippy effect on the MAXI GRIP handball, the winner of the 2018 ISPO Product of the Year Award
  • Excellent grip without resin.
  • Leaves no sticky marks on the hands or on the floor.
  • Instructions for use: Clean the MAXI GRIP handball with water and soap then dry. Shake the reGrip before use. Cut the top off the bottle. Apply the ball a drop of MAXI reGRIP in the size of 3 cm in diameter, as illustrated on this label. Spread it smoothly with the hands on the MAXI GRIP handball. Wait 16-24 hours before use to achieve the best effect and longest durability. Close the lid immediately after use to avoid MAXI reGRIP from drying out. Wash the hands with water and soap after use. When the ball is dry, it will retain the grippy effect.
  • Contains no harmful substances.
  • 200 ml

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